Can you solve this coconut tree math algebra puzzle – y6twj

Take a pen and paper and solve this math algebra puzzle. This puzzle is the easiest if you know how to solve algebra equations well. Or ultimately you can try to figure out which two numbers’ multiplication result in 300 and addition result in 35.

Puzzle id: y6twj

tree 1 + tree 2 = 35
tree 1 x tree 2 = 300
tree 1 = ?

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Betty BellaItalia
Betty BellaItalia

(tree1=20, tree2=15) or (tree1=15, tree2=20)

Betty BellaItalia
Betty BellaItalia

Your answer is not true. 15+35 is not equal to 35, and 15×35 is not equal to 300. See my solution wich is correct. 15+20=35, 15×20=300.

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